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Enwix off-road vehicles are manufactured in Nizhny Novgorod. Initially we built a test model. Later we worked out all the nuances on it. A lot of effort was put not only into development, but also in getting feedback from customers. The lion's share of all subsequent changes were implemented based on customer demands and needs. The tasks were challenging and at the same time exciting. In the end, the ORVs have exactly those parameters that are required by consumers. Thanks to this, the vehicles turned out to be in demand and competitive.

The modular design is what makes Enwix vehicles different. You can change the engine or add any equipment after purchasing. Customers have the opportunity to choose the configuration according to their needs. The focus in the production is on comfort, reliability, and safety. We have invested a lot in ergonomics: glove compartments, storage systems, fasteners, space for the audio system.

There are three designers working in the company, who are engaged in full-fledged development. We have our own machine park, 3D printers with a meter by meter printing area, and molding machines. This allows us to quickly visualize models, make adjustments and put them into production.

Our frames are from laser cutting i.e. CNC machines. This means high precision and after assembly they are geometrically correct, identical. Therefore, in case of breakage, it is easy to reorder the required part.

Today, Enwix is a powerful multifunctional machine with unique features. We use all of our experience and expertise so you can ride everywhere!


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